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I have small experience with LaTeX, though enough to write a couple of articles, half dozen of thesis and create a number of presentations.

Recently for some paper I picked Texmaker (I intentionally put a link here despite the fact what I’m writing next) as an editor of choice. It’s cross-platform, created with QT (which is pretty good).
On Windows with MikTeX it worked OK out of the box (with some changes like replacing pdflatex with xelatex).
On OSX it was working like that:
1) I click Quick Build
2) it shows the proper log from xelatex
3) the resultant PDF file is not created

When the same command was ran from the terminal the file was created properly.

OK, strange, so I went to the programs page on Google Code and file an issue (it is deleted now… :) explaining the situation above in a neutral and standard language, providing the details above.

Now I stop explaining and just provide 3 answers I got from this… person (unfortunately I don’t have my own comments saved and the issue is deleted from the tracker by the program maintainer – so silly):

Status: Invalid

Comment #1 on issue 664 by Quick build not working on OSX

??? It’s not a texmaker trouble
If the pdf is not created, texmaker can’t show it!
And if the pdf is not created, that’s because xetex was not able to create it : the error should be displayed in the log file.
A latex editor only launches the commands : the document are not compiled by texmaker, but by xetex, pdflatex, etc…


Comment #3 on issue 664 by Quick build not working on OSX

#2 ???. I’m very calm. Why are you so agressive?
You said “the pdf file is not in the destination folder (not created/updated)” : if the pdf is not created, how can a program can display it???
You said that manually, you use xelatex file.tex but in the texmaker command, you use xetex instead of xelatex!!!


Comment #5 on issue 664 by Quick build not working on OSX

#4 the pdf is not created by texmaker but by xelatex!
You should learn latex before posting.

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